Minneapolis Public Schools (USA)

        Thinking Maps
            Instructional flowmaps
            Computer related

                FM--Natty-2-Add your own user account.cmap
                FM--Natty-3-Add family user accounts.cmap
                FM--Natty-4-Set up system prefs and CmapTools.cmap
                FM--Natty-5-Add Free Software.cmap
                FM--Set up computer.cmap
                FM--Set up computer1.cmap
                FM--Set up computer2.5-add other users.cmap
                FM--Set up computer2-add users.cmap
                FM--Set up computer2NEW-add users.cmap
                FM--Set up computer3NEW-system prefs.cmap
                FM--Set up computer3-system prefs.cmap
                FM--Set up computer4-Add Free Software.cmap
                FM--Xenial-1-hookup and update.cmap