Minneapolis Public Schools (USA)

        Thinking Maps
        Thinking Map Templates--drag and drop the template you want to use in to your folder

            Active Structural Network template.cmap
            all way arrows.cmss
            Bubble map template.cmap
            Double bubble map template--colors.cmap
            Double bubble map template--colors and instructions.cmap
            Flow map sample.cmap
            Flow map Template.cmap
            FM--Materials Methods template-FOR PRINTING.cmap
            FM--Materials Methods template-JUST SET UP EXPERIMENT.cmap
            FM--Materials Methods template-open then 'save as' into your cmap folder.cmap
            FM--Materials Methods template-Simple--FOR PRINTING.cmap
            FM--Microscope use.cmap
            imporved Bridge map template.cmap
            Materials and Methods template.cmap
            sample test.url